Writing Prompts Websites

With this post, I’ll suggest some websites for writing prompts for those of you who need some inspiration. I become blocked a lot, so I think the same thing that helps me would also help you all in your work. I like to take a randomized word and use that as inspiration for a chapter.

Grab Bag Writing Prompts: This website allows you to choose between one and multiple words.

Writing Exercises: This website not only generates random words, but also characters, settings and plot devices, among others.
Velvet Verbosity: This website offers a different word each day, and there is a challenge, which you can share with others on your blog, website, ect.
Daily Writing Tips: This webpage offers links to other writing prompts, including those from blogs and Twitter. The website offers more than prompts, in the form of articles and tips about writing.
Creativity Games: This website also offers a word generator where you can choose between one or more words.
Make Use Of Writing Prompts: This webpage offers a list of sites to help you when you need to overcome a block.
Word Generator: This website offers a generated word like some of the others. The cool thing about this site? A definition is also given for the word, which really helps if it is a word you have never seen before.


Writing Prompt: Falling Out With the Neighbor

1: Your character’s vehicle has been damaged in some way by their next door neighbor, which causes a falling out.

2: Reverse the roles of the characters to make the neighbor’s car as the one damaged by your character, which causes a falling out.

Do this with as many characters as you’d like. This exercise could be set in any time period on any world, with any type of vehicle.

Writing Prompt Introduction

I’ve decided to add writing prompts onto the blog for you guys. These are much like the writing exercises I offer, however, they will one or two short sentences and you could use this as inspiration for a scene. This scene could be used in one of your stories, or one of the characters might be a person you’d like to explore further. You can use one of the characters from your story if you want to, though, it isn’t a prerequisite like what the exercises are meant to be. Feel free to explore both the writing exercises and the writing prompts any way that you want. There is no right or wrong way to do these, so go ahead and try them out, and most importantly, have fun!