Writing Prompts Websites

With this post, I’ll suggest some websites for writing prompts for those of you who need some inspiration. I become blocked a lot, so I think the same thing that helps me would also help you all in your work. I like to take a randomized word and use that as inspiration for a chapter.

Grab Bag Writing Prompts: This website allows you to choose between one and multiple words.

Writing Exercises: This website not only generates random words, but also characters, settings and plot devices, among others.
Velvet Verbosity: This website offers a different word each day, and there is a challenge, which you can share with others on your blog, website, ect.
Daily Writing Tips: This webpage offers links to other writing prompts, including those from blogs and Twitter. The website offers more than prompts, in the form of articles and tips about writing.
Creativity Games: This website also offers a word generator where you can choose between one or more words.
Make Use Of Writing Prompts: This webpage offers a list of sites to help you when you need to overcome a block.
Word Generator: This website offers a generated word like some of the others. The cool thing about this site? A definition is also given for the word, which really helps if it is a word you have never seen before.


Using Writing Websites for Feedback and Practice

One of the cool things about the Internet these days are two websites in particular. Fanfiction and Fictionpress. Why do I mention these sites? Many people know them as websites where you can read the stories of other people. They are also perfect to practice your skills and receive feedback at the same time.

Fanfiction is the perfect website to begin with. This site offers readers and writers plenty of options in regards to preconceived worlds that have been made by other people. This website offers categories in everything between television shows and movies. The anime and video game categories are also popular. This site is a great place to start, because the stories are created in copywrited series. This means it is unlikely for your work to be stolen and sold. Readers are also likely to leave feedback, which can be used to improve your writing.

Fictionpress is similar to Fanfiction, except these stories are all original stories. If you wanted, you can offer some original works in your story’s world. This site also allow reviews from readers. So if you are feeling adventurous, you can offer work on this site as well. I do not have much experience with this site, though, I believe whatever you put onto this site becomes copywrited for you, to protect your work from others. If you know for sure how this site works, feel free to leave a comment below.

Pinterest as Inspiration

Many novelists know this tip, though it is good to remind those who may have forgotten, or to inform those who haven’t thought of it before. As the title suggests, Pinterest is an excellent app/website for a novelist to create boards for inspiration. Although nobody else will understand what the boards are named for, you can create a board with the name of your novel. You can then search the app/website for pictures that would be excellent visuals to inspire scenes, characters and anything else you can think of. You can also upload your own pictures into the board. If you are concerned that somebody could steal your ideas, you can switch the board to a private one, so only you will be able to see it. I believe the prerequisite is needing to have a Facebook account, though I could be wrong about this. So, go ahead and give this a try if you are a visual person and remember, have fun!