Daily Planners

Hello all, I’m finally back! I will be posting new content on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as I’ll be at work those days and will need a small task for that day.
For this post, I will be talking about daily planners. I got these ideas from the lady who runs the atworkwithnikki Youtube channel. Throughout the video, she explained how she uses her two planners (yes, two! But I have three!) and the reasoning behind why she does things. She also shows each section of both planners so the viewer will get the basic idea.
Why do I have three planners? One is for everyday, another is for my side business and the other is for my writing. I’ve used only one planner before, and it took forever finding anything that I needed to look for. With each planner separate, I’ll know which planner an item is in if I need to reference it again, and I can find it quickly. With a multiple-use planner, I easily overlook important things on account of my A.D.D.
For my three, I have a business planner, a novel planner and a planner for those annoying everyday errands that need to be done. Every Sunday, I have each planner opened to the monthly calendar and plan out my week to make sure I do not have too many heavy errands/tasks to do each day.
With my planners opened at once, I can see how each type of errand will play out against the others. This is to keep from having too many things being done on one day. One example: if I have to mow the front yard (I do the front and back yards separately, due to them being so large), I know that I’ll probably be too tired to do much else at the end of that task. So, I’ll schedule something small on the same day from another planner in order to accomplish something else that needs to be completed.
Stickers are used for the monthly calendars within each planner. The daily planner has a cheap set of small neon stickers that I found in the office supply section. The business planner has jeweled acrylic stickers, and the novel planner has a set of awesome neon acrylic 80s-style stickers. The last two types of stickers were each found in the scrapbooking section. The business and novel planners also use jeweled clear acrylic stickers to represent “workshop” days where I either write or create more stock for my side business. 
Having the stickers on the monthly calendars will allow me to see at a glance how much time I spend on each category and how I should try to balance them out. I’m a visual person, so the stickers help where words wouldn’t. The stickers will also help as I comprise my monthly statistics at the end of the month.
I use one or two words for each day of the monthly calendar and use the daily calendar to detail what needs to be done. It may seem excessive, but my planners will be staying home, so this will not affect me in a negative way, as I will not be forgetting my planners at other locations.
I hope this post will give at least some of you some ideas, if you decide to use a monthly planner to get your writing scheduled more efficiently, such as research days, submitting to the Kindle store, ect.