Novel Soundtracks

In this post, we are going to talk about creating a soundtrack to go along with your novel. Many novelists do this, and I can attest to having a soundtrack to go along with your novel being a great resource to capture not only the energy, but the emotion as well.

Music can help you visualize a scene and really bring it alive. Is yours a period piece? If you are writing a story set in the 1940’s or any other decade, the music of that time period is a must. That isn’t to say you cannot use music from other decades if it is a song with meaning and captures an emotional scene, such as a death or somebody losing their mind due to story events.

One thing you might want to do is to have a folder on your PC, flashdrive or MP3 player with the name of your novel or story is the name of thr folder, then put all related music into that folder so that you can play all the songs within the folder as you type or write.

Another option is to log onto the Pandora radio website and search for what you have in mind. The site will automatically play songs related to what you are listening to, and who knows? Perhaps you’ll hear a song you never heard before that would fit your story perfectly? Another thing, do not discredit music from video games. Video games are another entertainment medium with music that rivals big budget movies. There have been many songs from video games in my playlists, especially the big boss battles. Those are normally epic in sound and could be perfect for the big finale battle of your novel, especially if you write high fantasy which often have armies clashing at the end.

I hope this post is useful in your goal of creating your stories. I think you could have fun finding new genres of music and artists that you may not have even known about before. Have fun!