Writing Tool: Dream Journal

Many artists from multiple platforms recommend keeping a journal beside your bed or napping area in order to keep track of your dreams. You don’t want to have pieces of paper strewn sbout the house, so I recommend a spiral notebook. They’re cheap and portable. If you want a mult-subject notebook that’s fine, but keep in mind, you’ll probably won’t be in the state of mind needed to flip to the section you want. When I write down my dreams, I’m in a trancelike state because I’m still in between sleep and wakefulness. A lot of times I write with my eyes closed as I go over my dream.

This is another thing about keeping a dream journal. If you try to make full sentences, you’ll probably end up forgetting half your dream, including the good bits that you’d like for your story. Instead, try writing down key images, colors, impressions, emotions. Here are some examples:

Man, brother, blonde, hand injured, ambulance, scared

Cliffs, majestic, dark sky, tribe of people

Ghost, feel not seen, evil laughter, afraid, trapped in house

If you do the above technique, you’ll likely remember a great deal more than you would if you were trying to write full sentences. Consequently, you’ll also save a lot more paper. To keep the dreams separated, skip a few spaces and put the date of the dream above your entry when you’re more awake. Who knows, perhaps you’ll decide the date could be significant to your story. I hope this post has given you some ideas that you could implement if you’re not doing so already.


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