Characters 101: Naming Technique #1

Many writers know how difficult it can be to name characters, especially characters whom are part of other worlds. This technique is one that I have been able to use successfully. Take any magazine and turn it to the page which have the names of those who contributed to the magazine. Close your eyes and use your index finger to choose a name twice. Write both names down so it’ll be easier to see the combinations you could come up with. For this, I’ll use a few examples:

Athena + Kate = Kathena

Nathan + William = Wilthan; Nathiam

Lynn + Stephanie = Lynanie (or Lynnanie); Stephalyn (or Stephalynn); Lynnie

As you can see, this technique could open up multiple names for you to use. Goodbye name generators (if you’re writing and not able to go online, lest you get distracted) and hello a new writing tool! Have fun coming up with creations, and feel free to leave your creations below in the comments to show me and the other readers how powerful this technique is!


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