Welcome To WG Publishing’s New Blog!

First off, let me start by thanking you for visiting the sister blog of WG Publishing. The first blog is going to be used for marketing and selling the E-books of the authors we host. This blog, though, will be used for providing advice for those who would like to help their stories and novels along with helpful tips and tricks. Sure, there are many sites out there like this already, however, many contain broken links to other sites. We at WG Publishing understand how frustrating this can be to readers and followers of blogs. Our hope for this sister blog is to provide a one-stop browsing blog for everything you can possibly think of. If there is anything in particular you would like to see on the blog, feel free to leave a comment and our staff will work to getting that info out to you.

There are quite a few types of articles we will try and provide for you to help you with your stories and novels. Though we do not claim to know all the answers, we hope that you will come away with something to help give you inspiration to accomplish your goals. If you are looking for any type of articles in particular, they will most likely be available to view with the tags on the left-hand side of the blog.

On top of providing articles to help you with your fiction, we will also provide fun things such as exercises to help you build your fictional setting and characters to the best that they can be! This blog is for all authors of many genres to stop by and hopefully have some fun with their craft. This blog is for writing help only, so there will be no marketing from our end. We will have a link to our marketing blog to the side if anybody would like to view upcoming projects and meet the authors, though, at the moment we admit there is not much there. We will have products from other people and companies that were made to help authors, and even products you will be surprised about being used for writing help! Without further ado, I present you with our Story Advice blog!


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